Frequently asked questions...

This information relates to weddings and marriage services. For questions regarding other services offered, please contact me and I will be only too happy to answer any queries

What does the Celebrant do?


Attend to all your legal paperwork, assist you to write and arrange a ceremony to suit your needs and solemnise your marriage.

What do I do first?


Organise an appointment to discuss your requirements with me and book in a date and time. Your ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ form needs to be completed no less than one calendar month, prior to marriage, but it is strongly advisable to complete this with me as soon as you have decided on the date and time for your ceremony. Most couples book months in advance. I will give you the correct forms to complete and submit.

What are the legal requirements?


  • You both must be over the age of 18 years.

  • Prior to the day of marriage, you need to produce your Birth Certificate if born in Australia or your Passport if born outside Australia

  • You must give the Celebrant one calendar month's notice.

  • If either of you have been previously married you must produce your Divorce Certificate and/or if either of your spouses are deceased, you will need to produce the Death Certificate.

  • On the day of your marriage you must have two witnesses over the age of 18 years who are present at the wedding.
What are the costs?


Charges may vary according to you special requirements. If traveling over 100km a travelling fee charge will be added. For a personal costing, please contact me direct to discuss your requirements.

What does the fee include?


  • Your consultations and pre-wedding practice at my residence.

  • A personally written ceremony to suit your needs.

  • Your printed Celebrant’s Marriage Certificate.

  • All stationery costs

  • Time and travelling costs on the day of your marriage.

  • All legal paperwork to register your Marriage with Births, Deaths & Marriages.

  • Telephone, postage and faxing costs (within Australia only).

  • Table/chairs and props for signing at the ceremony.

  • PA system (if required)

  • My attendance to conduct your ceremony.


(You may desire to purchase a QLD Marriage Certificate after the Marriage is registered, at your expense. This Certificate will allow you to open a bank account; apply for a passport; or apply for a drivers licence in Qld.)


How soon should I book a Celebrant?


Civil Celebrants are always busy. You should book once you have decided on your venue, time and date. I suggest you book as soon as possible.

Where can we get married?


Anywhere you choose! That’s the beauty of selecting a Celebrant! Please bear in mind if you choose to have your ceremony on a beach or a public park we will need to contact local Council for permission and cost structure.

Can we choose spiritual or religious wording?


Please feel free to use any wording that reflects your religious beliefs or way of life.

Do we have to attend pre-marital courses?


All celebrants are obliged to advise you of the availability of pre-marital courses. It is totally up to you if you choose to use the service. Printed information is also available to you.

Further information...


For questions regarding other services offered, please contact me and I will be only too happy to answer any queries.


- Francesca

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